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Holy crap, did you proof read this post at all before clicking the button.

Additionally, PvP in this game is leaps and bounds above WoW already. Nothing like PvP being ruled by a FoTM comp run, pillar humping, 10 dudes beating on a healer, failure that WoWs PvP is. Additionally it sounds like half your problems could be solved by upgrading your rig. I rarely encounter any problems with lag or skill firing, and I do not have a next gen or top of the line comp. Don't blame the game for a crap computer.
Lol "leaps and bounds"... *** "10 dudes beating on a healer".. At least WoW rewarded you for doing world pvp. You made you're self sound real noob. Do you proof read what you post before clicking?

Bio Ware hyped pvp WoW did not.. huge difference