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Go back to wow,sadly this is still NOT the game that will push real pvp'rs away from wow

Good story,lore,quests etc

But the game itself,oh boy....clunky is an understatement!
Bad abilities lag taking sometimes up to 2nsecz to get an instant cast
Really terrible combat sistem not fluid AT ALL
Terribad UI
Terribad fps drops in wz due to poor gMe mechanics
TerribD enexiatent macro sistem
Terrible raid frames
Terrible mass of pvp nabs that have no clue ablout it and just defend it because they waited for this game for so long...

So ye,al the known pvp games and mmo's outgrew are still better then far sw is just worn for the " single player campaing" and even there u have to survive the really poor game mechanics(combaT)

So comebCk in 2 months to check if anything Changed....if not don't bother anymore and hole for better luck with gw2
Holy crap, did you proof read this post at all before clicking the button.

Additionally, PvP in this game is leaps and bounds above WoW already. Nothing like PvP being ruled by a FoTM comp run, pillar humping, 10 dudes beating on a healer, failure that WoWs PvP is. Additionally it sounds like half your problems could be solved by upgrading your rig. I rarely encounter any problems with lag or skill firing, and I do not have a next gen or top of the line comp. Don't blame the game for a crap computer.
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