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04.02.2014 , 11:14 PM | #27
Finally got this achievement tonight, myself. I thought it was bugged, as well, but I finally got it to work for me.

I had to unlock the entire map on both a Rep and Imp side, though. I noticed the map was entirely unlocked with no hexagons on my Rep toon while trying to do this, but the Brakan Mesa would not go away on my Legacy achievement tracker. I logged on to an Imp toon and there were several more areas that suddenly showed up on my Legacy achievement tracker, that weren't completely explored. I went and did those real quick and the achievement for Exploring Makeb unlocked along with the Galactic Explorer achievement.

This still needs to be fixed, though. Probably divided up in the Legacy system as Republic Explorer of Makeb and Imperial Explorer of Makeb, so there's no confusion.
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