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04.01.2014 , 04:31 PM | #7083
Personally, for me, pre-mades are not the issue as there are many types and qualities of pre-mades. Some pre-mades are just guildies grouping to do some pvp, no thought to skill, communication, class balance between heals, dps, tanks, just grouping to group.

Then there are those teams that plan out have 2 tanks, 2 heals, and 4 dps and work to try and queue-sync.

And imo, pre-mades are not a problem. Just because someone chooses to run their pvp with the luck of the draw option. People shouldn't be penalized for having friends and wanting to queue together. No different than going to any kind of open gym for basketball or another sport. Some gyms just line people up and you count off (or luck of the draw). Some gyms let people form their own teams. Thus if you just line up, you could get stuck with 5 centers and no point guard. How is this good, and how is this good for the game.

Just as, the same can be said for entering a pvp match with no healers. How does that help you and your team win.

There should be some form of unranked, that at least tries to balance the scales and not have 4 healers vs 4 dps. The same would hold true for 8v8. Maybe a higher comms reward since the queue time might be longer.