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Beyond re-running Esseles, Anyone have any suggestions on this? Questing in 4 player groups is a little like chaos and I've been doing most of them with a partner, getting *some* social points. Do the later Flashpoints have more dialogue options? Are there other ways to get social points that i'm unaware of?
This is actually the best way I know of getting social points. I leveled with a partner to 50 twice in beta and both times we were both roughly 75-100 points short of social 7 when hitting 50. It has changed slightly since I hit social 6 in beta but it hasn't really changed that much from what I see.

Personally I like that there aren't a lot of conversations in the later flashpoints. I don't want to have a drawn out conversation with every boss before I kill him, I'm just killing him for loot and don't really need to hear his life story before I do so. Esseles and Black Talon have too much dialogue and not enough actual fighting imo. The rest of the flashpoints still have enough so you get what is going on but focus more on the combat rather than talking to someone every time you go around a corner and I like that a lot more but to each his own I guess.