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Go ahead and ignore Musco's comments since they do not mesh with your desire to be handed that which you have not earned. I ask, though, how do you explain the second part of my post--the one in which it is stated in no uncertain terms legacy achievements yes, datacrons, no?

Also, why have we heard NOTHING from Jesse Sky, or any other dev, that this is even still being considered in almost a year, if not over a year?

Given the silence that this is still even on the wall of crazy, and the statements that it will not happen, i would have to say that it seems highly unlikely that we will see legacy datacrons. Feel free to tell yourself I'm wrong if it makes you sleep better at night. Keep this in mind, though. In the time that you wait for legacy datarons to be implemented, you could actually find them on your characters and have those stat bonuses that you want so much. I doubt that you will do that since it requires a little effort and time, however.
What if they name datacrons as a legacy achievement? Is it all in the name for you?

Agree with the rest - it's a dead issue.
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