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12.13.2011 , 03:27 PM | #21
Shield is a total waste of points and if you want to PVP solo it might be mumm ok

But the HUGE kicker will be when your in a PVP group, I can tell you right now with 110% certainty that the group will want you spec'd with the harpoon. If you ever PVPed in WHO against a group with a single target pull it is completely overpowered.

And this pull will be on a tank class to boot with a 3 second stun attached LOL, can you say, I'm pulling healer group get ready to focus fire, bam healer dead, on to next healer rise and repeat.

Here's the PVP build for team play

Getting the reduced cd for cyro since most teams will probably be running duel healers for awhile. CC one healer pull the other to be FF'd down.
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