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Two baby ideas:

1) TF2's Payload style warzone. Have a cart/star wars equivalent/droid/whatever that needs to be moved from point A to point B. Having members of the attacking team near it makes it move forward. It moves backwards if no attacking players are near. Give the map 3 or 4 checkpoints.
To prevent an all out 8v8 zergfest, create an activation objective to unlock the checkpoints. IE you cant get to checkpoint one, without slicing a security panel on the farside of the map... Think voidstar, but East is an objective to cap and West has the cart being pushed.

2) Tic Tac Toe! Objectives arranged in a 3x3 pattern, you need to link 3 in a row to complete the slicing array... OMG WE HACKSD YOUR SYSTEM. Think this should be laid out in a diamond pattern instead of a square, relative to the spawn points. IE, spawn points are on corners and not on the flat side of a square, making the nearest 3 objectives to either spawn create a triangle instead of a vertical or horizontal line.

I love the idea of Capture the Flag, but you would need a workable solution to turtle teams, that just stack defense.
Scoring system would somehow need to give points for things other than captures, and not rely on kills as a tie breaker.
Perhaps add several layers to capping a flag, IE have to deactivate a forcefield first, then activate a bridge, etc.. each step grants points.
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