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I appreciate you asking Alex...

My favorite map, going all the way back to beta, has always been Voidstar, I love the progression type map combined with the attack/defend mechanic. Since that's my favorite, here are my suggestions:

Fleet type setting (invade)
Attack/Defend mechanic
Less "guarding" would benefit ANY design - nobody joins a PvP queue hoping they get to guard
Single click objectives that don't require "guarding" afterwards
Less spread out objectives that encourage teamwork (again, similar to VS)
Huttball type "traps" in WZ's that aren't Huttball (player activated?)

PLEASE give us more than a map a year Alex...the current rate of development is outrageously slow. Re-skin if necessary...we need variety, not an intricate story to accompany the WZ...just new maps.
Ive always loved voidstar and huttball... the rest meh especially hypergates I dont like that at all