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We can't just link you to one post because during the Cantina Tour Events they're asked about Class Stories every time, but the answer is no. They also gave a definitive no to continuing Companion Stories during one of these events.

Sadly, right now they are more fond of producing stories for our classes in the shape of Makeb-like expansions.
For me that show how lazy they are as a company that braggers of his Cinematic Style Story...
The easy money path shows here... Crappy content, Who cares about housing... or even about flying on this kind of mmo?

They donīt care about what ppl really want... If needed the comunity would glady pay for a full fledged Expansion!
I know i would pay... But the lack of vision is so big on EA and Bioware, that they will kill this IP on the long run...

Ppl like to be part of something, and doing generic crap is not the path...

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