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Hello Warzone Aficionados!

We are starting our pre-production (ideation stage, if you are into buzzwords) for the next Warzone and we want to get your ideas for a new Warzone!

We have a few ideas (even got a few prototypes on the backburner) on what we would like to do and what we *think* you would like but we want to hear your ideas before we move forward with a design!

Remember when you post, the more information the better. Layout pictures and descriptions always help, some of us are visual learners =P Think about and post your thoughts on how will the scoring work? What is the goal for each player? Will some players have different goals? How can players make a come-from-behind victory? Is this fun? The more questions you ask yourself about a design that you can answer and feel good about, the better the design.

Please make sure you understand that this is not a vote. Even if there is a consensus on a specific idea that everyone wants that is no guarantee that we will develop it. Also there is no guarantee that we will develop an idea that is suggested. We want to gather ideas on what you want from the next warzone so we can make something ya'll want!

Also please note that this Warzone will not be released Live during the current Road Map.

Looking forward to reading what yall have in mind!

Alex Modny | Assistant Designer
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