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As has been pointed out many times in the this thread, no one is asking for grouping to be banned. What is being requested is that match making be instituted so that premades vs premades (or more precisely, competitive teams vs competitive teams) and pugs vs pugs.

Of course that is what is intended with the 2 existent queues, reg and ranked. However, when it comes to playing ranked and facing other teams that have the same advantages, friends apparently evaporate.
t's easy to conclude that "friends" are in abundance when it comes to easy mode wins vs pugs or sync queuing to gain an advantage in solo ranked, but are in very short supply when it comes to facing other teams on equal footing.
Pretending that match making would victimize grouping is just another specious argument.
Where did I say anything about matchmaking?

Actually matchmaking is the answer, not split ques. A group of four bads shouldnt be subjected to epeen overlords either. And as a yolo-que I shouldnt be subjected to bads or roflstompers either.

This lame *** thread has always been about matchmaking, or lack thereof.
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