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dude i'm all with you in that we need more competitive matches and less one sided stomps, but i honestly think your solution is all wrong. imho very few premades actually contain 4 very good players, and those are the reason this thread exists, but if you make it a habit to check your team you'll see that quite frequently you'll have a premade on your side as well, just one that is not very good. On the other hand if you solo queue often i'm sure there's some names that if you see two of them in your team you know you're going to put up a fight no matter who you are facing.

I strongly believe it has never been about premades, it's all about the amount of good, average and bad players. If a premade contains 4 great players then yes, they are stacking the deck and we need to get very lucky with our team to have a shot, but most premades are not that good, and there are a lot of very good solo queuers, we just need to match the best solos in the queue against the good premades and it's gonna be a decent fight.
if i wasn't overly pessimistic about the game and especially about the future development of the game (i think i have every reason to be pessimistic), the perfect solution would be a hitten ranking attached to the player on which base pug matches are matched. Since i definitely hear year... most premade you see these days, arent all that great and i plenty of times have seen them defeated by pure pugs (or seemingly pure pugs, guild tags dont mean anything). But i have definitely seen decent players coordinating beautifully without voip, just because they know what to do. I have been on void with some excellent player that i consider way better than me, and way better that the average joe playing this game, and they didn't call anything or used complex tactics. They just did their stuff and joked arround.

Actually if you watch some of the old 8v8 ranked on streams where you get the sound of their mumble ts or what every, you might notice they actually dont talk as much as you would expect.

So matching good against good players and not yet so good against equally skilled is the only fair solution for maximal enjoyment (since you might wonder, those that play at the top level are actually quite bored just farming inexperienced players, it is no challenge, on of the reasons why the death of 8v8 made a lot of them leave the game). There is a quality difference, but everybody started with little skill at this (or another) game, and it would be one of the best feature if your entry into endgame pvp wouldnt be as harsh as it currently is - i remember my weeks of pain pretty well, where i had little to no clue on what to do -. I can sense that if somebody is new to endgame pvp and just tries it out the experience can be shocking, downing and deterring, so it would be a nice to have feature.

but it is not gonna happen, they have no plans for pvp, and soon people dont even have to worry about premades or good pvpers. This part of the game will simply die, or dumb down to a very low level. No further investment will come.