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Actually, people tend to take insult when they want to take insult.
I have yet to hear complaints (but quite a number of nasty jokes) about the fact that all prisoners in the Kuat Yard Prison escape sequence are very slender/emacicated or even bullimic Cathar females or very fat Twilek males - which could lead to speciecist comments about both races (especially in light of the Sith Overlords remarks about the "useless prisoners" )... Oh wait, no real world vocal minorities involved, right ?

Or the speciecist comments from many empire side NPCs (especially funny in the agent's storyline - which I personally played with a Twilek)..... Or with Empire sequences/breifings in general ?

So now, BW has to allocate more graphic resources to the Tython start zone to integrate more "incarcerated" padawan models ? If possible, one from every skin tone, species and gender, just to balance things out ? Just to help your utterly personal and subjective feelings of oppression ?

Please get your ducks in a row, there are far more relevant ingame problems that BW should address first.

I'd also like to notice that the entire SW universe has "distinctive personalities" (Aka "speciesist"/"racist") set for most species : Chiss are sneaky and treacherous, Rattataki live for violence, Zabrak are either inherently good or evil depending on skin tone, Twileks are either flightly and flippant or obsessed and paranoid, the empire inherently cannot be trusted and has a superiority complex regarding humans (even to the point with the consular quest on Hoth poking fun on that )......and on and on, ad eternam


PS Yes, I hearken from a ("once oppressed") minority, - hence I guess I know the feeling - but usually, when I feel slighted over it, I do ask myself whether the annoynace/pain comes from my own possibly weak self-esteem (which makes it my personal problem ), or really from being slighted for being from that minority (which might make it racist ). And.... too many times it is simply a personal slight...