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03.30.2014 , 02:32 PM | #3299
No, Vadess, in the two years (more, if you consider the pre-launch forums that have since been largely deleted) of waiting for this content, we've been patient and we have discussed and hashed over, many times, the work that requires adding content or making a companion.

Mind that Treek was not part of the pre-release content that was being worked on, yet was delayed, like HK-51 was, and yet is still a full companion that was released after launch.

And we haven't asked for fully new companions either, but rather additional content to existing companions. And have asked many times how that might be implemented, offering up our ideas on how to do so. We have literally received nothing. Literally nothing.

The only communication we have had specifically on this topic, on having same-gender romances in the game, was when Musco posted (in this thread) "Oh, we're sorry that gay men are Imperials and lesbians are Republic, we might not do that again in the future, but we can't be sure. Soz."

Many, many, many players have left that game because of Bioware's lack of care. I heal HM content at the moment - I know there's a game "outside" of story content, but I like story content and I want story content. This game is built on story content, that's what makes it unique. What should make Bioware unique is its commitment to progressive access and representation of romances in their games - but from the sheer level of silent bollocks that Austin has provided its players, it's *********** mindboggling how they can claim to be part of Bioware. You can't even talk to a single person at the company.

I know my being fed up isn't terribly "nice", but that's life. Currently, there's not another game on the market that's got my interest when it comes to end-game content (WoW's changed a lot and I can't be arsed to level to, what, 100?) and I'm still hoping - because for some reason I am an existential masochist - that they'll pull their finger out and put in some damn story content, but it doesn't look likely considering they're calling "Buy your own flat" an expansion.