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03.30.2014 , 11:56 AM | #3298
Guys, I honestly think a little patience on our part would go a long way. We aren't asking for Big Macs at MacDonald's that we want here & now, but for people to add something to complex software with complex coding. From my own schooling in a bit of game design, I know it takes a lot of work to design and implement things in video games and it's probably more than you realize. All you know is the finished package, and I'm going to assume many of you are ignorant about what goes into it.

Here's some links about what the work entails:
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If the developers would write a forum post detailing everything that has to go into designing a companion from new voices to writing in the code, I bet it wouldn't be as simple as many seem to think. In fact, I'm sure it would show that they are working on it but it simply takes time. And I'm willing to be patient and wait for it. Besides, romanceable companions aren't all SWTOR has to offer. Ever tried doing one of the operations?