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03.30.2014 , 11:25 AM | #3297
It's hard to understand that out of all the developers it's Bioware that has let the LGBT-Community (and of course everybody else who wants SGRs) down this way when it comes to SWTOR.

I have pretty much given up on it, probably why I haven't played for about 3 months.

The moment the updates became all about the Cartell Market, it was pretty clear that this was it.
I doubt there are any plans anymore to implement SGR with any old companions, maybe one day they'll introduce 2 new companions who have an SGR option.
Probably for a few thousand cartell coins.

Not that this is the first guarantee that has been broken by BW, it is just one more let-down, after the mediocre DA2, the catastrophic ME3 ending and the troubles at the SWTOR start.

If DA:Inquisition is also fubar, that's definitely IT for me with BW.