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Tune's (Aquilon's) alternate (excentric) Pike build:

Primary Weapon: Heavy Lasers (ignore armor, Shield peirce)
Its quite obvious as has been stated having armor pen is really good. If some one is running with an armor stacking build they can cripple you if you dont have armor pen. While many dont you will be glad you have it for those that do. Not to mention Range or turrets having armor.

Secondary Weapon: Proton Torp (increased speed, Increased Range)
again fairly obvious and standard for a Pike build, bread and butter so to speak.

Secondary weapon: Concussive Missiles (Increase range, Target engines.)
You already have armor pen in the lasers, its not needed hear having target engines means its easier to chase down targets who dont dodge this missile making the Proton easier. This build is not for Dog fighting. You are a long range missile boat for peeling enemies, allow allies to peel them from you while you peel from them.

Shields: Charged Plating. (Engine power shunt)
With the new ships none have armor peircing options. Further more many choose not to take armor peircing in their weapons. Those that do can kill this shield slightly faster, but not as fast as one may think with the change to only allow 20% through. They now need to take down your shields to bring you from full to dead, and with shields that are the same strength all round as Directionals are in one front when they are set to double front or back this build can be quite hardy, especially for those that dont have great situational awareness, a gunship will always take at least 2 shots to kill you while if you have your directional facing the wrong way they will only need 1. Obviously engines are much better then weapons for energy regen. Also with the more healing ships coming in, it will be much easier to heal the bleed through with allies. With this be warry of targets you try to head to head, try to recongize armor peircing weapons (slug gun, Burst lasers, Heavy lasers, rocket pods, others dont commonly use)

Alternate shield: Directional (reduced regen delay)
Obvious alternative. This is for those with better situational awareness. Those that can manage their abilities well and keep the shield always facing where it needs to be. The back when no one is in front of you and the front when some one is in front of you.

Engines: With the changes its an either or. Either Barrel Roll or Koigran turn with both take Speed bonus. The speed bonus allows you to take advantage of your range by chasing down enemies or getting distance on them. The changes barrel roll will be much more difficult to reliably use, but still has its benefits. Same with Koigran. Take the one you are most comfortable with.

Armor: Deflection armor

Obvious fitting with the theme of Charge plating. While again can be bypassed by Armor peircing this armor isnt for countering those people. Armor is much better for dealing with mines and missile lock-ons like the ever favorite cluster missiles as evasion does not effect them. While also stacking supremely well with charge plating. Also many people will run lasers that dont armor peirce and that will become even more prevalent with the patch as more ships are incapable of grabbing and armor piercing weapon.

Capacitor: Damage Capacitor.

Another obvious one, while Frequency garners more DPS this is better for short bursts times when you know you are unlikely to get more then a few shots off. I find myself in those situations a lot thus prefer these to frequency.

Magazine: Munitions capacitor extender

Again obvious choice for the missile boat. While its rare to run out of missiles, it sucks when you do and you are running a pike.

Thrusters: Regeneration thrusters.

Fitting with the idea of speed over Maneuverability in this build as you wish to engage long range targets and run from those that wish to get in a turning fight with you want thrusters that can be used often. You will constantly be chasing some one down or short boosting into LoS and then boosting out of it. You want thrusters that compliment this.


Offensive: Improved accuracy and kill zone

This makes getting these longer range missiles off a little easier by improving their kill zone and the extra accuracy is a must

Defensive: +10% shields and +9% damage reduction
Again this is an armor build, as such playing to its strengths is the goal 5% evasion and 9% DR is also viable

Tactical: your prefrence wont change much but I prefer Depth of field and periphrial vision. Longer range senors are a good gaurd against gunships. Allowing you to see them coming before they are in range of you.

Engineering: Power to engines, and efficient maneuvers.

This should be obvious again, we are going for speed and long range here. Your lasers dont cost much, but you will likely be trying to either get in range or running away a lot. The easier you can make it the better off you will be. Obviously you could go Quick charge shields for more engine efficiency, but at that point its just getting to levels of rediculous engine energy that its unneccisary to have it here. This in combination with Charged plating normally keeps engines at a very healthy level.

Co-pilot ability: Lock down

This is one most think of as just offensive, but its much more then that. While it can be used offensively to disable engines right before sending a missile up some ones tail pipe. It also works as a great defense. With all the engine efficiency taken using lock down as you run away from a persueing target usually allows you to get away pretty easily. If you are running koigran turn and use this ability as lock down as you run away then use Koigran to turn around and dodge a missile you will often find the person in perfect range of your lasers and concussive missiles with no energy to dodge with allowing you to take them down.

The build is a bit ecentric. If your server is littered with people using armor peircing weapons and not using many bombers or all of the scouts are using burst lasers and/or rocket pods. This will likely not be ideal. But those that have a balance of aces using armor peircing and none armor peircing weapons this is a very good build.

For those that think its no good I used it and got 18 kills with 1 death in a TDM and then immediately after wards 13 kills with 4 deaths in another against 4 pilots that are considered republic aces on the opposing team. I did have back up from another ace gunship pilot, but so did they. We also ironically did NOT have any one running repair drones so any damage I took was permanent if there was one it would have been far more efficienct and deadly build.