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As I talked to the technical director in a cantina event, chat bubbles are an absolute nightmare with this game. It caused all sorts of issues/lag in beta when they had them and until they figure out how to fix the technical errors that arise when putting chat bubbles, we are not going to see them. Sorry it's just the truth. It's not on their list of priorities right now for the game but he said they are always figuring out how to do things. Maybe, just maybe if they "crack the code" so it doesn't cause the lag they might be able to do it.

I wouldn't hold my breath though. Sorry!
Funny thing, I also spoke to him at the NYC Cantina Tour last October, and they said we will be seeing them when they fix the issues, and that it is a thing they are actively working on and a relatively high priority for the UI people.
Sadly, I think the developers that are currently in charge of this game don't have a clue or even give a damn on what exactly the issues with chat bubbles were in the first place and what is needed to fix them and implement the feature. I have the feeling it's alot easier to fix the problems they had and to implement them than many of them believe it to be.
If their engineers only had a serious look at the previous implementation from beta and talked to people that actually worked on them (like Corey Kolek who was the only one kind enough to go out of his way to explain to us the reasons why chat bubbles had been delayed originally and that the issue with them was their hogging of too much video memory for video cards with lower amounts of onboard memory and the same fix they implemented for nameplates during late beta could fix chat bubbles but only wasn't implemented for launch due to time constraints - and that they need to get time alloted to work on them to "get them right") they'd be able to implement them rather quickly.

It seems that Bioware simply doesn't care about the feature or the players that have been loyally subscribing for over 2 years to fund chat bubble development and patiently waiting for them to finally keep their promise.
I think the only way we'll get chat bubbles is if somebody that cares about them enough gets put in charge of development.

If I'm wrong, I dare a Bioware representative to drop into this thread (and please read the top post in it's entirety, especially the timeline of previous Bioware comments) and set things straight with a detailed post.

We really don't know what the current status is. Sometimes we get told they are a top priority, other times they are on the priority list and are being worked on, other times that they aren't any priority at all, at times we are told they don't know how to fix/implement them, other times we're told they know exactly how to fix/implement them but only need more time to "get them right", etc.. How are we, as the players supposed to know what exactly is going on regarding this matter? Some transparency would be much appreciated.

If you aren't working on them and don't even have them on your priority list anymore, then please show some decency and at least come here and officially say so, so those of us waiting for them can finally cancel our subscriptions and move on from this mess.

It's just a shame that we are being kept in such a limbo and that promises still haven't been kept after almost two and a half years.