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That's very nice of you to not undermine someone as long as they do everything the way you want them too.
If you lift up your head to notice, paowee, Armond and I are happily collaborating with each other, as we have before.

But even if I had created my own thread ... how would it have undermined paowee's? If his thread was still active and keeping records people were interested in, they'd keep using it because it's the place to go. If my thread served a different interest, then that's great too. It's not a zero sum game, and you're trying to inject tension and conflict where there isn't any.

I understand you wanting to defend paowee, and that's honorable. If it ever seemed like I was attacking him, then I apologize for that. I have nothing but respect for him and the work he puts in on the record thread, and as the Sniper rep.
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