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People are that stupid.

Average price for MK-9 over past month, for a single, has been around 65K. Stacks of 10, 14 and sometimes larger are usually up for several K less on a per item basis.

This morning the multi-stacks were hovering around 62K, with one stack of 50 sitting at 60k. Lowest price for a single was 66K, with only a page of supply before the price was close to 70K.

Some genius posted up three pages of singles for 58K each. I posted up 20 at 69,999. An hour later his and mine were gone, and the average price was hovering around 66K for singles.

I figure if someone forgoes hundreds of thousands in potential revenue for just pricing dumb, they are just paying a tax on stupid.

And the augment market is my bane these days. They aren't selling in high quantities, are fiercely undercut all day, and have huge swings in average price and / or price for similar augments.

This past week I watched Absorb augments go from 95K to 75K, Might from 78K to 93K to 85K, and Redoubt go from 88K to 110K to 92K.

If one is willing to bank a decent amount of augments in every stat and constantly check the GTN, list, and relist, one can make good money.

But other than trying to unload the stocks I have, I'm pretty much moved to just being lazy and selling the Therm Reg and not bothering with all the constant re-posting and undercutting.
I moved out of the Augment market due to the under cutting. Ditto the Mk-9 kit and Thermal Regulator markets. There are simply too many other opportunities opening up daily to stay in a saturated market.
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