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Quote: Originally Posted by Armonddd View Post
because anyone knew that until he popped back in after an extremely long absence, right

because this thread is super bloated... which, again, no one had any idea would change until paowee started getting **** done after an extremely long absense

also, when you said paowee was still around, no one had any proof that he actually existed and was willing to keep the thread going until he posted, because you basically said a thing and expected us to believe you because you had said the thing

there was zero smugness involved, just practicality

but feel free to keep assuming the worst of people if that gets your rocks off!
Anyone can look at another poster's last activity by viewing their profile. Just because some lack the sense to use the resources available to them that does absolve them from avoidable ignorance. I am not assuming the worst I am going by what actually happened.
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