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I was putting my point across that as long as he uses the skill tree he likes, & enjoys it, it is fine. Just because he isn't as elite as others doesn't mean he isn't helping the team at all.
Okay... thinking I should have read this comment before responding to you. I think we're all on the same page.

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The thing is in an MMO, you aren't the only person playing the game, and much of what people mistake as elitism is just people trying to get you to open your eyes to the "more efficient" way to play, as because the rewards and progression in the game is often dependent on your fellow players, someone who is purposefully "shooting himself in the foot" is sometimes seen as not desirable.
Exactly ^^

Just for myself, I'm starting to lose interest in the game as a whole and especially in PvP because of the laissez faire attitude towards PvP that seems remarkably common in PvP on the Republic side on Pot5. I know that I'm not that good, but when I play I am almost always a very team oriented player who not only spent a lot of time and effort reading the guides, scouring the forums, and gearing up as effectively as I can, but I also routinely sacrifice individual goals for the good of the team. Yet for me, winning is my main focus not because I so thoroughly enjoy winning but rather because I don't want to be a drag on others. I don't want to be "that guy" who screwed up the match for everyone else because I peeled away from an objective and deathmatched someone while the enemy capped the node I was guarding.

The problem is that on a fairly consistent basis, the match is a loss for us anyway simply because of *****hats who decide to just do whatever they feel like. Three groups heading to three nodes on ACW, people ignoring the doors on Voidstar, the pair of non-stealth players who repeatedly try to cap the enemy node from the start of AHG, etc. And of course, there's the guys at 55 with 60+ valor, but 500 expertise, or the guys who leave after the first enemy Huttball goal, and so on.

Yes, PvP is hard, but not for the reasons the OP listed. Rather, PvP is hard because it requires a level of selflessness, cooperation, and awareness of the importance of goal oriented teamwork over immediate individual reward that often is sadly lacking in the community.

Is PvP fun for me? When my team cooperates, communicates, and plays well together, yes it is, absolutely. When we bicker, argue, and go our separate ways, no. Funny thing; the victories tend to come with the former behavior, while the latter almost always guarantees defeat.
...and I'm back. For the third time. Maybe the fourth. I've lost count. Leveling yet another Sentinel/Maruader, and I'll likely figure out what I'm doing in about a month or so, right before I quit again. Not sure if I'm subscribing again.