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You know... normally I would agree with you. Play the way you want; I'm not paying your subscription. However, your response to the OP is remarkably short sighted and selfish when it comes to a multiplayer game where your gameplay (good or bad) impacts the fun that other people are having. If I am so bad at PvE that I keep dying, over and over again, but I'm doing that on my own, it's nobody else's business because I'm only affecting myself. If I want to spend an entire night dying repeatedly, not finishing any quests and gaining no commendations, credits, or XP, who cares? I have the right to do so. But when I queue with a group of people (in any context, PvE or PvP), they have a right to expect that I am going to try and do my best, as they are more than likely attempting to win the match, finish the raid, or whatever, and expect that everyone else in the group is trying to do the same. If I'm brand new, but trying to get better, so be it. But if I'm purposely handicapping myself without my group's knowledge and consent, that's very rude, selfish, and inconsiderate. That has nothing to do with the "law of their land," either. That's just simple common courtesy.
Oh lordy lord. Did you even READ my other comments in this thread before posting this? I go into detail what I was addressing.

Please people; read the whole thread before you post. Chances are your queries and concerns might be answered later on.
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