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I know, the mentality you explain in the first paragraph is the worst ******** ever. Its similar to crap as "All that matters is to participate." That's a lame excuse for a poor performance and using it is refusing to see that the winners are simply superior to you, it gives you an excuse for not doing better.

And who cares if it's about ranked or unranked PvP. "All long as you're having fun, you're the winner." Yeah, talk about selfish. The OP doesn't seem to be that kind of person, but such a behavior is freaking retarded. It's basically saying "I don't care about whatever happens to the rest, as long as I'm happy it's fine."

You are missing my point. I was addressing the OP by the fact he was feeling forced to play one of the trees in his skill tree and couldn't pick his own, because it wasn't as efficient as the other.

I meant by my post that he should play what skill tree HE enjoys most, despite it being the most efficient or not.

I never said not to help your team.
I never said to play in PvE gear and not PvP gear.
I never said to ignore everyone else.
I never said not to play the objective.
I never said said to lone wolf it.

I was putting my point across that as long as he uses the skill tree he likes, & enjoys it, it is fine. Just because he isn't as elite as others doesn't mean he isn't helping the team at all.

I'm done arguing.
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