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You have fun when half your team is losing you the game 90% of the time because they are not doing enough preparation for PVP? That's like saying a high school basketball is playing for an NBA team in the championship but it doesn't matter as long as "the players are having fun".

People like you is the reason why PVP in this game is not as great or as thrilling as it should be. You expect to equip PVE gear and have BioWare hand you the expertise. You don't work for it. If you wanna PVP or success in it, prepare for it and stop ruin for the others.
I know, the mentality you explain in the first paragraph is the worst ******** ever. Its similar to crap as "All that matters is to participate." That's a lame excuse for a poor performance and using it is refusing to see that the winners are simply superior to you, it gives you an excuse for not doing better.

And who cares if it's about ranked or unranked PvP. "All long as you're having fun, you're the winner." Yeah, talk about selfish. The OP doesn't seem to be that kind of person, but such a behavior is freaking retarded. It's basically saying "I don't care about whatever happens to the rest, as long as I'm happy it's fine."

You can still play the AC tree you like, have fun, and be a help to your team, ya' know.
Unfortunately, as a Sentinel who doesn't use force abilities, "being a help to your team" is very debatable. You suffer from diminished dmg output and most DCDs are a no-go. You basically don't use force Camo, Rebuke, and Guarded by the other words, you simply melt as soon as you step in.
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