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Ion on satellite turrets or flashfire camping newly spawned players is legit or no? You are still contributing to winning the game. As opposed to capital ship sniping which does absolutely nothing at all...
I think those are legit. They're not Honorable Strategies, but realistically speaking, top-end PvP doesn't generally use Honorable Strategies.

Again, I don't really see a way to prevent people from sniping capital ship turrets. It's on BioWare to give them an invulnerability mechanic (not just 100% armor, because lol slugs). Until they do that, we're pretty much helpless outside the honor system.

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Looks good to me.

How about total damage done, damage taken; we scrap those? also this way kills is going to be k+a from now on. Finally how about solo kills and kill streaks?

We can probably remove kill streaks and damage taken (just imo)
I'm ok with getting rid of kills because while those are nice to brag about, K+A is more important and solo kills are "better" (i.e. you can't just sneak in and snipe someone for the last hit, as I've done more than a few times).

I dunno about kill streaks, though. Those are potentially important (especially in TDM). I'll let others chime in here.

Damage done is probably the ultimate bragging stat, but it's really not that important in the grand scheme of things. DPS is a better meter, imo.

Definitely vote to remove damage taken, though. My overall average damage taken is like 14k, which means I've most likely had a "record-setting" match on that front... but no one checks their damage taken, because it's a largely irrelevant stat. It doesn't look like there's been very many submissions there, anyway.

Don't just take my opinion, though. I'm sure other people have input.
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