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Beginning to worry that paowee is gone.

Once 2.7 hits, I plan on starting my own records thread, though it's going to be a bit more narrowly scoped on TDM performance, broken down by ship role/variant. No records prior to 2.6 will be included in it though, given how much the game is going to change in 2.7.

Domination is a great team game, but there aren't really any meaningful records to be found there if you're playing to win. In Domination, the team that wins is the one with multiple pilots who can all change duties (node capture, Gunship hunting, node defense) fluidly. And doing that means you are going to put up multiple moderate numbers, not single huge numbers--the only exception being number of Medals earned, which actually is a fairly decent representation of multi-duty effort and skill ... though it's also a reflection of how long a match lasted.
Paowee is still around. So no need for you to start a new thread.