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Go ahead and be weary, but from the start it sounded like you were pretty sure they were lying... with that "they're gonna need 40 colours" or whatever comment.
"they are going to need a lot of colors"

that was a joke. and I never said they were lying. again, I don't think ME3 team was lying at the time they were giving interviews either (well... maybe Hudson). more like... speaking from a place of "what we'd like to happen" rather than "what we can actualy manage, given time and resources"

also - distinct differences is apparently relative? I know that for some people the difference between say.. original (emphasis is very important, as EC definitely makes differences more apparent) low EMS destroy vs high EMS destroy is significant enough to make them distinctly different endings. /shrug

honestly, its not even the ending per se. is that this claim in general makes me wonder how many other things they may be seeing as more significant as what I personally would end up experiencing...

we shall see. I mean, characters from their introductions at least are looking interesting. and as far as I know Jennifer Hepler is not writing for DA3, but a formerly Mass Effect writer whose work I personally enjoyed - is. so there's a chance of characters being a bit more fun to drag around, for me at least than DA2 (where I pretty much defaulted to Isabela, Aveline and Merrill to minimize teh drama, while in DAO I played around constantly with party composition from warden to warden)