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Hey Rook,

We are a fairly large, open guild. We have several members interested in all aspects of the game. Our guild ranges from leveling groups, casual pvp and ops groups, to the more hardcore progression groups. Our goal has been to be a place where all gamer types have a place to call home and no one is left behind. We have several casual players who enjoy playing and due to work schedules or time constraints are unable to make scheduled ops groups, when they are able to play we try and fit them in where we can or just enjoy catching up with them when they are on. We do not allow drama and we consistently follow up on bad behavior and squash it before it spreads. We also do not allow foul language (cussing, dirty jokes, etc) in our main guild chat but have the option to join another ch to express such feelings if someone finds it necessary (which rarely happens with the caliber of players we attract). We are active voice chat users and hang out with each other just to talk or to communicate while in leveling or ops groups. We are always happy to answer questions and help the newer player learn about SWTOR.

If we sound like something you are interested in let me know! Always looking for more mature players to join our ranks.

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