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Well yes, we all know that.
I'm just saying that they are claiming that the endings are vastly different from eachother and not just minor details.
Now, if they are lying or not is still to be seen, but that is what they are claiming (in obvious reference to the ME3 endings)
but that's what they claimed with ME3. that endings would be drastically different, more complex with a greater variety.

I don't think they are lying. its quite possible they genuinely believe that. it still makes me doubt.

and yes I'm still pissed off that in my first DA2 playthrough, I sided with the mages and still dealt with the same ******** that happens if you side with templars, because bioware wanted 2 boss fights and by the maker, they will have 2 boss fights >_> and don't even get me started on Anders whom i did NOT help. and yet... there we were.

I know, third games, they seem to have change the direction, etc etc... but before they made that promise as you say in direct reference to ME3? I was actualy starting to get excited for the game, despite trying not to. and now I'm back to weary. I'll still play it. I'm just back to "I don't think I'll be pre ordering it after all" mode