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Quote: Originally Posted by Clarian View Post
DA:O was one of my greatest gaming experiences of all time.

DA:I isn't even on my radar. Zero interest.

The reason is DA2. In a story-based series, I'm not going to skip a game and then try to piece together everything I missed - and I'm not going to play DA2. So that franchise is dead to me. An action-based series can afford to have an abysmally weak entry...but a story-based series, not so much. At least for me.

It doesn't help that the Dragon Age universe really has no appeal to me. It's very well realized, but not my thing. (Which makes it all the more impressive that DA:O captivated me so much, in spite of the IP rather than because of it.)

But, never say never. I'm planning to unsubscribe from this game shortly due to the bugs. I haven't even completed chapter one of any of the stories yet, but...I can't stand continuing to give money to a game with so many bugs that don't get fixed.

So who knows, maybe with nothing else to play I'll resort to DA2 after all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Callaron View Post
Have you tried DA2?
Sure, it's not as great as DA:O, but it's still decent enough as far as RPGs go.
And besides; every DA game is a stand-alone story. Sure you may hear something about one of the previous heroes and even run into some companions from DA:O or other NPCs, but the only thing they have in common storywise is that they are set in the same world - and in the same time period (more or less) for all the current games.

If you haven't tried it, don't just take someone's word on it - according to the vast hordes of the internet SWTOR is just about the worst game ever made, and the devs that made it are devilworshippers given how they are working for the Evil EA.
Yet I take it you're enjoying SWTOR since you're posting here.
What Callaron said.

Do not take anyone's word for the game, try it yourself. DA2 may have its flaws, but is in some respects better than DAO.
  • It does not suffer from the horrendous skill bloating (I never used like 3/4 of my spells in DAO)
  • The flow of the game seems better (while the game is not any shorter) (YMMV)
  • The story was more personal and not the "peasant gets superpowers and saves the kingdom" cliché (YMMV)

Edit: I see you tried it, but it looks like you did not get very far, assuming from the other part where you say you never finished Chapter 1 of any class in SWTOR but left for some unspecified bugs. I hope you did not quit after the over the top prologue with superpowers...
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