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03.28.2014 , 03:39 AM | #44
This is why I won't group with some of my characters, as a whole I play DPS trees, as it's so much simplier and less rules to follow (i.e kill order, pick up adds and don't jump in too fast to let the tank get early aggro). As a DPS I will play all heroics (if possible) and all flashpoints.

On some of my chracters, mainly the Jedi Guardian and sith equivalent I have chosen the tanking tree just for the pure reason of wanting to run with certain DPS companions (vette and Kira) to make life easier for myself. but I have not grouped for anything with these as I don't feel comfertable being a tank for real people, particularly as I dont study all of the 'mechanics' of bosses.

It's the same as I don't run healing classes as I think both Tanking and Healing are thankless tasks and are the first to take the blame when somethng goes wrong.