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Well, here it goes.
On Sent(lvl 37)(combat) : First thing I noticed - i suck at PVP with it. At PVE i finished the first chapter of story line without problems, but around lvl 30 i started to make more research regarding the rotation, because on a long run in a fight the surv is pretty low. Now after the first mission of chapter two (some expert moobs) i died at one of them due to 3 sec delay in the rotation which really showed me that maybe i should re-spec to another tree, but the combat one is the one i like most....
On Sin (lvl26) (deception) : All the aspects until now are so fine that i can't believe what i saw on sith forums that deception is not good for lvling. I don't have any problems neither in PVE or PVP , mostly due to the fact that i use my companion as a tank. I notice that if I tend to go before my companion i loose very fast health points, but still i have time for the ultra defensive skills and i can avoid death with half of my HP all the times. As for PVP i was able to get kills even when i joined at lvl 10, i still wonder if later in the game i will reach to a block as it happened with the Sent, that's the reason i started the other 3 chars, but i really would like to know on which of this 5 to concentrate mostly in order to have a better game experience.
Sith Warrior-Sith Jugg-Vengeance or Immortality is your First choice. Quite predictable to boot.

Bounty Hunter-Mercenary-Arsenal or Bodyguard is your second choice.

By recommending those two I covered all the possibilities that you might like. Try them. One is for healing days and the other is for Tank days while keeping the DPS focus(main trees being Venge and Arsenal). Enjoy!

And leveling with Assassin is easy as fk. I use Darkness and me and Dashade are well, unstoppable. Just a split of damage and nothing's impossible. I guess that could be said of Deception as well. Dash is awesome .