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Thanks for your suggestions. ^^ I actually have a level 16 concealment operative AND a level 55 scrapper scoundrel, but I leveled that scoundrel as a healer until level 45 or so, which lead to me creating a concealment operative just to get the "level experience" with this spec, too. Should be fun, then. ^^
I actually also have, no carnage marauder, but a combat sentinel that hit level 55 just last week. I'm not too fond of the randomness of the procs, but if everything does go right, you can do some serious damage in pvp with that spec.

I've been wondering which skill tree I should use on my Pot5 marauder toon, and based on this (and my experiences with a combat sentinel), I think I should at least try carnage... Especially since rage is getting nerfed.
Though, I have to admit, I was a little surprised to get marauder from this, since I've always favoured inquisitors/consulars and agents/smugglers over warriors/knights.
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