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I've scrubbed around with my class. I've chosen Watchman as my focus (not much choice give my disuse of force powers).

Nothing special about it. I won't be using Rebuke and Force Sweep. There are other powers that I'm not allowing myself to use. I think it will be fun trying to play around it.

I actually felt that I got off on the wrong foot with the pvp modes. I didn't prepare myself for pvp in Swtor. I want to give both another try (later). I'll probably be using a gamepad for both mods as I have an easier time piloting a vehicle with a gamepad and controllers are more responsive for me when I don't want to worry about aiming, but do have to concern myself with moving around using skills.

But it's not something I'm going to concern myself with atm. The story is good so far and I have more powers to get before I make an appearance. Besides, I have a Gunslinger and a Sorcerer that I'm curious about playing.
This is in no means attempting to be blunt, but limiting yourself like that isn't that great of an idea in PVP, as it limits the effectiveness of you in the group, Rebuke is a central CD to a Jedi Sentinel, NOT using it is just... not good. Force Sweep is also a central AOE, you absolutely need to use it in AOE situations.

It's fine if you love to RP (I love to RP too!) but keep it a tad separated from your PVP and you will do a lot better.
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