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Hello ,

I would like some advice as it seems i am a little stuck at the moment and i can't decide to chose my main.
I currently have:
lvl 37 - Jedi Knight Sentinel - Combat with Dark Alignment (Dark 3) - seems very hard to PVE with it and also PVP wasn't so enjoyable but i love the tree and the difficulty of rotation.
lvl 26 - Sith inquisitor Assasin - Deception - very enjoyble in PVE and PVP and very easy rotation
lvl 10 - Sith Warrior -
lvl 6 Jedi Sage
lvl 6 Smugler

Now my ratings

Defence: 6

Support(Healing): 7

Damage: 7

Light Side(Good+Lawful alignments): 5

Dark Side(Evil+Chaotic alignments): 9

Empire: 8

Republic: 6

Lightsabers: 9

The Force: 8

Tech Gadgets: 5

Guns(Blasters, Snipers, etc): 5

Armour: no preference

Dual Wielding: N/A

Big Weapons(two handed): N/A

Stealth: N/A

Method of damage: N/A

Scope of damage: N/A

Favourite SW character: Anakin / Vader

Prior MMO experience/liked class(es)/etc: Paladin - Healer - cata, Tank and Damage - BC and WOTLK; Fire Mage, Warrior Tank, Hunter MM/ SV (in this order as preference)
Ok. Let's see. I'll suggest two classes. Because two classes fit, but one way better. Before I say anything, how do you feel on a Sent and Sin? After you answer, you'll have these suggestions. Leave that Warrior blank tho(without AC).