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The bolded fairly describes what I've been doing and how I feel about it. You are correct, it can be tedious and boring, between gathering TRs (waiting for slicing crits and constantly checking the GTN for underpriced TRs), crafting augs, and watching the TR/aug markets to figure out what to sell and when. That said, like you, I don't have the patience to watch the entire GTN for low-priced items to sell at good profits. There is simply too much to keep track of just to figure out what's going to be profitable. By focusing on TRs and augs, I can get a pretty good handle on one small part of the market. And ultimately, it is very profitable, even when prices dip as we've seen lately.

I figure that making credits will ultimately require a commitment of some kind, and I feel like this is about as much as I'm willing to deal with. It's become habit at this point... log in, run slicing missions, check GTN, switch alts, queue crafting, rinse, repeat. I wouldn't describe it as a lot of fun, but it's effective, and ultimately not all that time-consuming.
I do agree to this.

Before 2.0 hit, I used to craft and sell Augmentation MK-6 kits fairly often and it was a profitable endeavour, even if a time consuming once, since I had - back then - four characters running missions and two of them crafting. Plus, one only need two mats of each kind to craft the armor pieces, reverse engineer them and that was it.

Came 2.0 and now one of them requires four mats instead of two, which is double. Increase in time gathering mats and increase in time switching back and forth. Increase in profit margin though, seeing that MK-9 seem to be far more expensive than MK-6 were at their prime? Possibly.

Regardless, I can't be bothered. Was selling three weeks ago or so four thermal regulators for 84k and nowadays, I see people undercutting completely senseless... It's their call, their credits and it's great that people who need the augs get out winning but as far as I'm concerned, it's not worth the hassle for now.

Here's hoping it stabilizes but like I mentioned earlier, not seeing it right now.