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I already have a huge number of alts, but I'm curious about what you would recommend to me, so I fill this anyway if you don't mind. Just in case I feel like doing more alts to different servers. (And maybe you can help me decide which alts I should prioritize over others)
I'm assuming 0 = not important and 10 = very important

Defence: 2

Support(Healing): 5

Damage: 7

Light Side(Good+Lawful alignments): 5

Dark Side(Evil+Chaotic alignments): 6

Empire: 9

Republic: 4

Lightsabers: 5

The Force: 7

Tech Gadgets: 7 for knives, 2 for everything else (not sure if knives are counted to this, though)

Guns(Blasters, Snipers, etc): 7

Armour: Medium (not a game breaker though, since there's adaptive armor)

Dual Wielding: Doesn't matter

Big Weapons(two handed): Doesn't matter if the weapon itself isn't huge (like some assault cannons)

Stealth: Nice to have but I can live without

Method of damage: Again, burst is nice to have, especially in pvp, but I can live without.

Scope of damage: Preferring single target

Favourite SW character: If we're counting people in Expanded Universe, Thrawn and Mara Jade. From movies, I'll probably have to go with Obi-Wan.

Prior MMO experience/liked class(es)/etc: No prior MMO experience.
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