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03.27.2014 , 04:33 AM | #800
I think the space area could be extraordinary. Fighter Battles are great. having your own ship is great. But like what was said before, it could be a game inside the game itself. all new characters could be created. just for space, ship captains that start somewhere small, like a communications guy/gal on the ship for the tutorial, all hell breaks loose, and that toon becomes the captain and now you, the player, get to command a small frigate to start off with, all while slowly moving your way up to larger ships. that would be awesome. It could have its own story line in its own. Could even have your other characters be added to the story where your helping them do there missions in some small way, or big. In this you can add a new story line, expand space, add new companions for the other classes, add a new class, etc. Im sure someone has something to say to me on that note. I know that theres got to be something wrong somewhere with doing this. (other than most likely months of developing) plz comment so that I can perfect this fantasy I have with this amazing game.