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Several things.
1) As others have said, if you're outleveling a planet, you can either skip side quests and do just your Class quest (and Planet quest, if you want), or you can do the side quests anyway, for the little bits and pieces of side story, credits, and Commendations.
2) Achivements are Legacy wide. So don't feel like you need to do them all right now. Run a jedi through, rack up some kills, then run a Trooper through later, rack up more, make a smuggler, maybe finish the last of that set up. IE: if the high one is Kill 600, you can kill all 600 on one character, or 200 each on 3 different characters. It even works cross faction (for the ones that don't explicitly specify "As a Republic character" or "As an Imperial character").
3) Finally, as Hoshkar commented, Rested experience lends to outleveling a planet. Also, as he said, some people like this. They level up faster, so they can either start doing Operations, Hardmode Flashpoints, or even just start up an alt with a few added benefits. If this isn't for you, however, you can avoid having to deal with it by not logging out in a Cantina, on your ship, or on Fleet. Pretty sure Rested doesn't accumulate at all if you're not in one of those, or if it does, it's at a diminished rate.