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3. Make sure the healer isn't getting hit. U should be the only one getting hit if done properly, but holding aggro can be tough at time so in the very least make sure you don't have pressure on the healer.
While I agree with everything else you said, this game is a bit different. Since a lot of pulls have ranged mobs spread out it can be very difficult for some tank classes to grab and hold all the mobs at once. This game if the tank can grab and hold the big mobs he is doing a good job. What a lot of dps dont seem to realize is their job is also a bit different in this game compared to other mmos. The dps need to kill all the low hit point mobs first, there by keeping them off the healer. Almost every group Ive been with at least 1 of the dps dont do this. They either target whatever mob they feel like or attack the ones being tanked. If a mob is on the tank and theres other mobs that arent, always dps the low level ones not on the tank first. If your tank isnt grabbing the big mobs tell him/her.