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03.26.2014 , 02:02 PM | #7
Personally, I always like crafting because I'm way too damn OCD to depend on the GTN. There are times when I absolutely MUST have all purple gear for my lvl 19 trooper alt.

What makes it even funnier is that I rarely craft all the mods ahead of time, but will stop leveling the specific alt in question for a night while I grind out all the purple mods, then finally gear him up the next day. I'll also spend tens of thousands of credits (or more) buying the specific purple crafting materials I need because I don't happen to have them on hand.

So... in the end, I find I've wasted a ton of time and credits on mods that provide a negligible bonus over the ones I easily could have gotten from the modification vendors with the planetary comms that I end up maxing out anyways. Plus, given the time I spend doing all that, if I'd just gotten the mods with planetary comms, I would likely have been 2-3 levels further ahead anyway.

But... having said all that, I'm kinda starting to lose interest in SWTOR, so I find my interest in silly things like creating mods now.
...and I'm back. For the third time. Maybe the fourth. I've lost count. Leveling yet another Sentinel/Maruader, and I'll likely figure out what I'm doing in about a month or so, right before I quit again. Not sure if I'm subscribing again.