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Can't you buy the majority of cheap regulators and then post it back on the GTN with profit?
That depends on two factors:

- what is the "normal" range of pricing for TRs on your server? Sure you can buy up all the low value (i.e. 17000) and try to sell at a much higher than normal price (i.e. 30000), but chances are you won't sell them, because the price is too high.
- the difference between the low end and what will sell. Based on the information posted here, most servers' TRs normally sell for 18k to 20k. If someone posts at 17k, re-posting at 20k will net you a grand total of 1800 credits (buy at 17,000, sell at 20,000, minus the 6% GTN but equals 18800 credits. Subtract your original investment of 17000 and you net 1800 credits). Is that net profit worth the risk of not selling at all (because someone undercuts you)? That is a decision every seller has to make for themselves.
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