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My impression of sage as opposed to merc is that sage is way more brain-y and specialised. Such as: Sages have no ranged auto attack(just imagine what this does to the energy management :/ ), no energy refill ability, the talent trees are way more specialised than mercs etc). Plus, merc can Heal just ok-and then some. The very thing I mentioned earlier about energy suffocates the Healer sage as well. Nice burst healing, but I'd suggest Merc in any case. If you don't want to switch, you can always play Commando if you are ok with assault cannon(I guess that you could use Rifle). The same as merc but 2H instead of dual wield, Pub instead of Emp and L.S tendencies instead of D.S tendencies(you can still be quite ruthless as a mando{think Lawful Evil} and quite Honourable/good{sth to the effect of the Chaotic Good} as a merc). That's that. Try mando. P.S. The sage is all about the force(the lowest between all the weapon choices when talking about you).


You are so difficult to pin down lol. Like a book that meanders all over the place lol. Your role ratings, with your Force rating and the Fav character steer you heavily towards the Sorceror. Then again, the Healing + DPS combo when viewed through the gadget prism lends itself heavily toward the merc. Oh and dual wielding as well. And then the stealth pops out. The easiest way would be to list two Emp healers + a Scoundrel. The difficult part would be ranking them. This is where the flavour helps. Your favouring of Palpatine(can't fault you-a brilliant character which becomes ever more awesome the more you watch the movies) suggests that the sorc story could very well interest you. Not only story, but both Corruption(Healing) and Madness(DoT) just reek of Sidious. Therefore the results:

1. Sith Inquisitor-Sith Sorceror-Corruption or Madness
2. Bounty Hunter-Mercenary-Bodyguard
3. Smuggler-Scoundrel-Sawbones(play this one sorta dark-ish and independent and you should be just fine)

Enjoy yourselves!