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Technically speaking, he didn't get to Dromund Kaas the second time around on his own. He was rather captured by Scourge and Nyriss, when he was about to land on Nathema if memory serves me right.
You'd be correct.

Still, he did alot of great things. IMO more and better than Luke ever did.

But there is a certain point where one should "level out" before becoming a Force God. Luke was carried too far and now lots hate him. I hate him because like his father, he is a whiney brat.

Revan still has potential when you think about it.

But i feel that fans have ruined his image in a way by carrying lore too far and given that BW is making him look like he is invincible, people will go off in wild tangents and then it gets out of hand.

Bioware (Technically Lucas) created him, it should be up to Bioware to end him.

Not gonna lie, i'll cry when that day comes, but oh well. Means they did it right.
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