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Technically speaking, he didn't get to Dromund Kaas the second time around on his own. He was rather captured by Scourge and Nyriss, when he was about to land on Nathema if memory serves me right.

Also, it's Mandalore. The Ultimate is highly displeased.


How's it possible they never included his armor thus far?
Typo fixed.

No idea, maybe it'll be included in a pack sometime?

As for the capture, I have no doubt that if they didn't capture Revan he would have made it to DK one way or another (or maybe not, but either way it is impressive he didn't go insane in the prison considering he didn't get to change clothes, bathe,talk to anyone besides Scourage & Nyriss, or leave his cell). Not to mention he left all his friends,wife, and his soon-to-be-born son behind (that is no small feat).
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