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Treek? I have to say YES YES YES!!! She has to be the best companion in the game to be honest. If you play alts she is also worth account unlocking via collections as well! (costs 700 aditional CC if I recall). She is a small pain to mod up I found, having a Cybertech helps with this a lot. (even more so if you use moddable gear as well). She can be either your tank, or your healer, she has 2 swappable stances! 10-30s you would focus mainly on the Aim stat, after that point depending on if you want her to tank or heal you would start stacking those bonus stats as well!

You can save your cartel coins though, if you are close to Legacy level 40 (and have 1 million creds paying around). Sometimes others are selling her Mercenary Contract on the GTN. Those seem to run 2-3 million credits (depends on server).

Other then that, as a subber most the other cartel market items are pretty much any fluff items you think look good on your character(s). If you are making credits in game with ease you can buy all the cartel market items off the GTN instead, and save your cartel coins to account unlock items that you would love to have unlimited copies of!

Good suggestion for this is the level ten 41+ power hawk color crystals (those can run 300k-10 million, depends on color). Any items you see under Collections can be account unlocked! If you are not sure how to do this, you learn (bind) the item to character A, log into character B, find item in collections, click on it, a pop up window should follow asking if you want to account unlock for XX CC, you click the apply button, and you can now make unlimited copies forever of said item, on ALL of your characters on said account!!!

If you have a hard time making credits in the game, other then getting Treek, I would get the packs, take a peek at your servers GTN, see what one is selling for the most (and available on the cartel market still). Buy a few of those, and sell them on the GTN for fast credits! oooor, you can open those packs yourself, keep the awesome items for yourself, and sell the left overs!!! Packs are like a random lottery sort of thing. (I personally love these, but I buy them with my extra credits).