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Considering that he quotes Malaks dying words, it is very heavily implied he died in that force explosion.
That's what Revan would want everyone to believe, hmm? He is a master tactician, always planning ahead and is ruthless about it. He more than likely knew he needed an escape strategy just in case, and his was Fold Space.

His quoting Malak was most likely a lesson in mortality(?) IMO. He realized he isn't invincible and that Inevitability is a *****. It's clear that is power is weaning away from him as the great ToR God (Revan) could be bested by even 4 people when he stood up against the Emperor 300 years prior. His time as prisoner and trying to keep the Emperor out of his mind and also to twist the Emperor's mind into keeping him at bay.

Again, i'm a Revan fan but i do agree they should give him a proper hero's ending. Not in the open-ended way they did in the Foundry.

Refer back to my post on the previous page on how there should be an expansion called the Revanchist's Fall.

However all the evidence CURRENTLY implies he is still alive, mainly based off the fact BW Austin is so sketchy when asked about Revan and they ALWAYS say "Keep Playing and find out".

As hopeful as i am about having a Dedicated expansion, i have a suspicion they will write Revan out like they did the Dread Masters: short "side" story, and a massive 16-man Nightmare Op to physically take Revan down.

(16 people taking on near-God Revan? IDK about you, but that sounds awesome to me regardless).
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