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Assuming that the scale 1-10 goes Hate (1) to Love (10) with (5) as middle ground, my answers are thus:

Defence: 3

Support(Healing): 8

Damage: 6

Light Side(Good+Lawful alignments): 7

Dark Side(Evil+Chaotic alignments): 5

Empire: 7

Republic: 5

Lightsabers: 6

The Force: 8

Tech Gadgets: 8

Guns(Blasters, Snipers, etc): 7

Armour: Undecided

Dual Wielding: Yes

Big Weapons(two handed): No (but only Giant swords)

Stealth: Yes

Method of damage: Direct

Scope of damage: Single Target

Favourite SW character: Chancellor Palpatine

Prior MMO experience/liked class(es)/etc: -none
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